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Ambrose: Small spaces, smart living

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Ambrose, a new furniture and accessories collection introduced by Heal’s, has launched online to coincide with the London Design Festival 2014. Selected pieces from the Ambrose range are also available to buy for the first time in Heal’s Tottenham Court Road store, including new exclusive designs by Ambrose’s design consultant Sir Kenneth Grange.

A-Frame shelving units by Matthew Elton £795 each; Dowood table lamp by Colonel £145; Play table lamp £75; Hot Mesh chair by Blu Dot £115

Synonymous with design, quality and urban living, Ambrose – named after Ambrose Heal (the grandson of the store’s founder) – draws on Heal’s rich heritage and expertise in furniture making, whilst presenting innovative solutions for the way we live now. In line with its founding ethos: small spaces, smart living, Ambrose offers high quality and intelligently designed furniture and home accessories for every part of the home, where space is at a premium.

The Ambrose collection comprises designs that are not only multifunctional, easy-to-assemble and adaptable, but also value for money and built to last.

“I think it’s positive that the recent economic crisis has made the younger generation think more carefully about what they want and need. It will encourage them to buy the best quality that they can afford, while knowing that these purchases should and can last for many years.” Sir Kenneth Grange, Ambrose’s Design Consultant.

The Leaning Wall by Sir Kenneth Grange, exclusive to Ambrose

Supported by Heal’s creative director Carmel Allen, Ambrose’s design consultant, Sir Kenneth Grange and brand designer, David Steiner have worked closely with a selection of UK-based designers –including Matthew Elton, Sean Dare, Chris Eckersley and Sarah Kay – to create exclusive ranges for Ambrose. In addition, Ambrose offers an array of UK-exclusive designs from some of the world’s best contemporary brands including Blu Dot, Skagerak, Harto and Colonel.

Launching this autumn, The Leaning Wall is a new shelving system by Sir Kenneth Grange exclusive to Ambrose, which can be assembled, dismantled and reassembled easily, in no time at all. This is achieved by using a lightweight oak-veneered panel that is attached at an angle to an existing wall and gives its name to the system. From slots in this panel hang straps (either in fabric or steel) that the shelves simply connect onto.

The Leaning Wall range includes complementary components, which can be attached to the panel, from a small cabinet to a laptop desk and even a bench seat. All are made from solid oak and steel and utilise the same slot and strap system.

Sir Kenneth Grange, Ambrose’s design consultant, comments, “My generation have lived with Heal’s Furniture most of our lives. It was always among the first to find new products and ideas. So the prospect of a collaboration was especially welcome when I met with them last year. In particular we talked about how these days people live in much smaller spaces. There seems to be an ongoing issue with a lack of furniture that recognises this fact.

“I think it’s positive that the recent economic crisis has made the younger generation think more carefully about what they want and need. It will encourage them to buy the best quality that they can afford, while knowing that these purchases should and can last for many years. There is indeed a newfound pride in holding onto a good piece of furniture; something that is intelligently designed, that will last, and hopefully be passed down to another generation. And how appropriate it is that it can come from a company whose reputation was founded upon those very principles.”

Carmel Allen, creative director at Heal’s, comments, “It’s been a wonderful journey working with Sir Kenneth Grange on this exciting new collection. At the Heal’s annual dinner last September, I found myself talking to Sir Kenneth about RIBA’s guidelines for living spaces.

“We were both frustrated by the fact that most new build flats and practically all conversion flats come in at 10% smaller than RIBA recommends. So it seemed timely to address these space and access issues with furniture that works with the reality of urban living. That’s very much how the Ambrose collection came about.

“Just because the staircase leading up to your flat isn’t wide, it shouldn’t mean you have to buy small doll’s house furniture. With Ambrose, we’ve thought through all the access issues so our pieces can be assembled, dismantled and reassembled easily to fit your space and to go with you when you move house.”

Visit to buy and read more information on Ambrose. Selected pieces from the Ambrose collection are also available to buy in Heal’s Tottenham Court Road store (196 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7PJ).



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