Architect NBBJ tells us how to return romance to the workplace

Architect NBBJ’s chief marketing officer Tim Leberecht hopped over the pond from Seattle to launch his new book ‘The Business Romantic’ last week at NBBJ’s London studio.

Leberecht believes that romance has been lost from the world of work in recent years, and so guests were greeted with a tongue-in-cheek display of rose petals upon arrival to set the mood for the evening. Leberecht argues in his book that we focus too much on data and statistics rather than on what makes happy and successful people at work

Supporting special guests included Fabien Riggall, founder and CEO of Secret Cinema and Maggie De Pree, co founder of The League of Intrapreneurs, both fellow business romantics who spoke in a brief presentation after Leberecht. Fabien Riggall, an unconventional entrepreneur said, ‘Hopefully one day we will buy Facebook and Google and turn the world upside down…’

The Business Romantic

Leberecht’s book focuses on how to reinstate romance in the workspace, and how to get more out of our work in turn making us happier employees. As the front cover says, ‘Give everything, quantify nothing, and create something greater than yourself’.

Leberecht inspires the reader to find more meaning in one’s work and offers different views to how to have a successful business. The New York Post recently listed the book as one of the best career books for 2015. One for the bookshelf.