An architectural love letter to the art of typography

Ben Adams Architects (BAA) has completed Monotype’s brand new headquarters on London’s Shoreditch High Street.

Monotype, a global typeface company, requested an agile space to meet its current and future needs. With this in mind, BAA’s scheme has been designed to leave scope for expansion, while drawing on cues from Monotype’s amazing archive of typefaces.


Monotype office by Ben Adams Architects. Image ©Edmund Sumner

To maximise the possibilities for collaborative working and team growth, the 330 square metre space has been designed to be as versatile and adaptable as possible. A dynamic wall of bespoke plywood joinery divides the main space into distinct zones for both collective activities and focused independent work, while a simple change in layout can introduce 32 new workstations and additional meeting space when needed.

The plywood tunnel that traverses the space has been embellished with 1,500 laser-etchings of Monotype’s ‘M’ monogram, each showcasing one of 750 typefaces taken from the company’s archive. The glass walls of meeting rooms and phone booths have been flecked with similar motifs, including lines of 474 full stops, each in a different font.