Celeb spotting at London’s latest hip hangout, Mayfair’s Beaumont Hotel

If you’re looking for London’s latest hip hangout to sip fine cocktails, look no further than Mayfair’s Beaumont Hotel – the first hotel by acclaimed restaurateurs Corbin & King, the duo behind The Wolseley and the Delauny. With its striking façade in pure art deco style, it’s hard to imagine that this building, designed by celebrated 1920s architects Wimperis and Simpson, was originally a car garage.

Notwithstanding the glamorous art deco features, a new eye-catching addition – Room, a suite designed by contemporary artist Antony Gormley – perches on the corner of the building like a robot-like giant figure. This hybrid space is part luxury suite, part sculpture, with the bedroom hunkered within the hollowed body. No doubt staying there is quite an experience, which Gormley has described as ‘a primal space within the city but removed from the city entirely’.


A new architectural addition Room is designed by Antony Gormley © Antony Gormley

Once inside, it’s the exquisite art deco style interiors created by internationally renowned hotel designers Richmond International, with Reardon Smith architects, that create a sense of having stepped back in time. Art Deco is all about glamour and elegance, and the atmosphere of the time is encapsulated in the hotel’s interiors, together with the charm and excitement of the era, and woven into the overall scheme.


Jimmy’s Bar provides the perfect backdrop for a cocktail or two

A rich colour palette, and period materials such as rosewood and cherry timbers, bronze detailing, reeded glass panelling, travertine and granite chequerboard flooring, as well as elegant paned glass lighting have been used to create the ultimate luxurious interior. Everything is so precisely recreated down the smallest detail (we were impressed by the boldly geometrical door handles) that we weren’t too surprised when living legend, actress Gina Lollobrigida, stepped out of the revolving doors and waited for her car to arrive – it seamlessly fitted the magical atmosphere that has been so carefully researched, and so successfully delivered. It’s top of the list in our little black book.


The bathrooms ooze art deco glamour