New Movement Collective

Founded in 2009, NMC is a group of dancers/choreographers, passionate about finding new practice through collaboration and creating a series of interventions in urban spaces. The group blurs the boundaries between dance and architecture in order to discover performance potential within the hidden pockets of our cities. The group creates and interprets architectural spaces through movement, with audience’s perception guided by the specific contextual set built up for each performance. Working as acclaimed dancers and dance-makers, NMC members have a shared history through many of Europe’s leading ballet and contemporary companies including – Rambert, Gothenburg Ballet, English National Ballet, Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, New Adventures, Scottish Dance Theatre and Company Chameleon. Providing a nourishing and supportive environment for artistic growth, the collective aims to create refreshing and innovative work of the highest standard.

Caro Communications is currently working with NMC promoting their work to architecture and design influencers, and developing their network. Casting Traces, the Company’s 2012 full-length, debut work currently touring the UK is inspired by Paul Auster’s seminal novel New York Trilogy. Casting Traces is a cross-genre promenade performance that invites the audience into a unique dance experience set within an architectural paper labyrinth.


Dance writer and critic Graham Watts reviews dance group New Movement Collective in latest performance

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