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ELEY KISHIMOTO introduces its first hand-printed wallpaper collection

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Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper, La La Lyon Col 35 (Photo: Rita Platts)

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper, La La Lyon Col 35 (Photo: Rita Platts)

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper 2014

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper, Light on Lattice Col 73 (Photo: Rita Platts)

Step into a world of colour, pop and excitement with the launch of ELEY KISHIMOTO’s first wallpaper collection.

Founded by MARK ELEY and WAKAKO KISHIMOTO in 1992, ELEY KISHIMOTO – “the Patron Saints of Print” – has gained global notoriety through a plethora of outputs, ranging from fashion and interiors to architectural and design collaborations across different disciplines.

Reinforced by the studio’s 22 years of expertise in pioneering printmaking, the new ELEY KISHIMOTO wallpaper collection builds on the success of the designers’ previous offering of bespoke furniture, soft furnishings and homewares.

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper 2014

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper, Vanity Cats Col 65 (Photo: Rita Platts)

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper 2014

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper, Venice Col 99 (Photo: Rita Platts)

Screen-printed in the designers’ Brixton studio, the new collection is the latest incarnation of a continually evolving design aesthetic; a re-working of seminal prints from the studio’s archive that unifies existing designs with both garments and walls, resulting in a visceral exploration of surface decoration. The collection also celebrates a desire to create exquisite, handcrafted artefacts in a world of fast, digital production.

The new ELEY KISHIMOTO wallpapers are like no other, with the studio’s inimitable signature hand-printed all over them. Designed with integrity and a light-hearted approach, the wallpapers comprise 12 unique designs, from La La Lyon – a bold, modern take on a traditional damask pattern, to Venice, Camo Chevron and Light on Lattice – a series of geometric inspired prints, or Vanity Cats, Monster Skin and Pedigree Entourage – original motifs that are humorous and playful.

The new ELEY KISHIMOTO collection is made to order and available to buy online (RRP £160 per roll). Selected designs are also on display at London Print Studio’s Wallpaper: Artist’s Interior Worlds exhibition until 1 November 2014.



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Notes to editors

ELEY KISHIMOTO’s wallpaper collection

Printed on non woven paper; each roll is 55cm wide but roll length and repeat size varies to each design. Roll length ranges from 8.35m – 8.95m.



Living by the maxim “Print The World,” ELey kishimoto has always strived to create work that is executed simply, clear in intention, exhibiting a unique creative flair that rejects passing trends and fads.

From a partnership forged in the early 90’s, ELEY KISHIMOTO quickly gained a reputation for incisive and intelligent print design with its craftsmanship gracing the world’s catwalks via work with Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz and Jil Sander, to name but a few.

In the mid 90s the partnership moved into the fashion world with the launch of its first womenswear collection; this proved to be such a success that the company has continued to produce its own ELEY KISHIMOTO line ever since.

Although initially earned as a result of its vibrant fashion collections, the company’s renown has always been very much associated with its freedom to decorate anything and everything. It is this print design aesthetic that is key to its works’ identity.

Thus following hot on the hemline of its collections came a steady stream of ever more varied design product. Wallpapers, furniture, furnishing fabrics, glassware and crockery led on to more industrial based design work in the automotive, architectural and electronics worlds, whilst also working with individual artists and galleries. The company sees each new design challenge as a platform from which to communicate with a wider, more varied audience.

Creative directors for Paris-based fashion house Cacharel between 2008 and 2009, MARK ELEY and WAKAKO KISHIMOTO are currently artistic directors of a new line for the Japanese market Laura Ashley London.

Collaborative works with BMW motorbikes, Eastpak bags, Duvel beer, Incase (Macbook, iPhone, iPad accessories) amongst others, incorporating the key Flash print is a further development of this aesthetic and yet another intriguing twist in the continuing story of those shapeshifters of the print world, ELEY KISHIMOTO.