Eley Kishimoto launches new wallpaper collection at Decorex

Eley Kishimoto rock pattern and we’re super excited that our new client is launching its first wallpaper collection at this year’s Decorex, building on the success of its iconic Flash design. Step into a world of colour, pop and excitement – these are wallpapers like no other, with the global design brand’s inimitable signature hand-printed all over them.

Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto (Photo by Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy)

You can also see the collection at 100% Design where they feature in the VIP lounge, press office and entrance, and while you’re there stop by and see Mark Eley talk about their work and the company’s move from fashion brand to design agency, as they move into fields including interior design at 3pm on Friday 19 September.

Sun Loving Bollards Col 35 by Eley Kishimoto

Or pop into London’s Print Studio’s Wallpaper: Artist’s Interior Worlds exhibition which features the new collection and runs until 1 November.