Eva Jiricna Architects demonstrates the art of glass for historic jewellery brand

In the ever-evolving world of retail, it is unusual to see a prominent Bond Street brand that is still family-owned and run. One such family company is the 200-year-old fine jewellers, Boodles – an internationally recognised brand with stores in the UK and premier London locations.


In a relationship which complements the longevity of the brand and the importance it places on customer service, Boodles has been collaborating for many years with Eva Jiricna Architects in developing an appropriate visual language for its stores. The latest of these is a new flagship store, in the heart of the Mayfair. The team has worked closely with Boodles in developing the concept and every detail, with the new design strongly reflecting the values inherent in the historic brand.

An ingenious design strategy was required to connect two separate shops, located on parallel streets. Level changes are mediated by sculptural interventions including a dramatic glass staircase and a five metre long glass bridge. A 4.5m-long, cut-glass ‘chandelier wall’ and luxurious seating helps create a gallery-like ambience for the jewellery on display.