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New watch brand Sekford unveils its first collection – Type 1A

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Sekford is an English watch brand that combines classic craftsmanship with Modernist principles.


The company originated when its founders were unable to find the sort of watch they themselves wanted to wear; a luxury, midcentury-style dress watch for everyday use, with a price equivalent to a great pair of shoes, bag or jacket.

The Sekford team researched the history of watchmaking and acquired an appreciation for the fine lettering and clarity of white space found on English pocket-watch dials, which led them to explore the traditional techniques used in their production.

Further inspiration came from the collaborative, artisanal approach of 18th and 19th-century English workshops. Ideas developed during this period by architects and designers, whose output beautifully captured the confluence between machine production and human skill, provided the foundations for Sekford’s creative process.

Sekford aims to faithfully pursue these enlightened values, using precision engineering to execute bespoke designs by specially commissioned lettering artists and engravers.

Type 1A

Type 1A is the first edition of 500 wristwatches from Sekford, each of which carries a unique engraved number. As a first edition, only 200 of the gold-plated models have been produced, with 300 cases made in stainless steel. Type 1A consists of four variations including:

S1 A2 Steel White Bridle TAN RT

Case Stainless Steel
Dial White
Strap Tan English Bridle leather
Edition 100
Price £695

S1 A2 Steel White Bridle RT

Case Stainless Steel
Dial White
Strap Black English Bridle leather
Edition 100
Price £695

S3 A2 Gold White Cordovan RT

Case Gold plated
Dial White
Strap Black English Shell Cordovan leather
Edition 200
Price £795

S4 A2 Steel Grey Face RT

Case Stainless Steel
Dial Dark grey sunburst
Strap Black English Bridle leather
Edition 100
Price £695


Sekford’s contemporary dress watch brings together the skills and expertise of a range of artisans from different disciplines. The lettering and numbers on the watch dials are drawn by one of the world’s most respected font foundries, Commercial Type. The studio was invited to reinterpret the engraving skills of stone masons and the typography found on 19th-century pocket watches in its designs.

The Sekford logo is an English Gothic Revival wood engraving cut by specialist engraver Mark Wilkinson in Lincolnshire, and appears on the back of all Sekford wristwatches.

Sekford’s stitched watch straps are made from hard-wearing English leathers (Bridle and Shell Cordovan), sourced from one of Britain’s oldest tanneries in Derbyshire. Additional satinated finishing has been applied to the buckles to add further distinction.


Sekford’s timepieces are Swiss made by one of the country’s most respected manufacturers. As a result, Sekford benefits from the highest level of Swiss horological expertise, quality components and finishing.

Type 1A uses a five jewels, gold-plated Ronda 702 quartz movement, and has a battery life expectancy of five years. All Sekford watches carry a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.


All tooling in the Type 1A is engineered exclusively for Sekford and designed to the last detail. The hands on Sekford dials are finished with curved ends, and the distinctive contrast of short and long hands also allows for easy reading.

The box-domed mineral crystal produces brilliant refractions, resulting in attractive effects of light and shadow on the watch face. The cases are fully polished with satinated sides. Fine polishing work from Sekford’s Swiss manufacturer also accentuates the thin bezel and sharp, angular lugs.

Packaging, Warranty & Servicing

Each Sekford watch is packaged in a linen case with an embossed logo and a pull-out tray. Sekford’s authenticity and warranty documentation is die stamped and personally addressed to its new owner. Sekford’s Type 1A is now available to buy online at and via select retail outlets.


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Notes to editors:

The team behind Sekford

Kuchar Swara
CEO / Creative Director
Kuchar is a creative director and publisher. He is the co-founder of men’s magazine Port and specialises in branding, editorial design and art direction. He has worked with renowned corporations such as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Nestlé (Switzerland), The Guardian, The Spectator, Tate and Royal Academy (UK), Público (Portugal) and Rizzoli (Italy).

Cédric Bellon
Director / Watch Designer
Cédric has worked with internationally renowned brands since 2005, designing products within the watchmaking, aeronautical, clothing, and communication industries. His clients have included leading watch brands.

Pierre Foulonneau
Director / Industrial Designer
Pierre is a product designer with over a decade’s experience. He has worked alongside British designer George Sowden, developing numerous products for international clients such as Tefal, Pyrex, Alstrom, Lorenz, Smith & Hsu and Pamar. He has been a consultant in the development of George Sowden’s signature homeware brand, Sowden.