Polish Pavilion to address ethical issues in the construction industry

In a direct response to this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale theme, Reporting from the Front, the Polish Pavilion will address the ethical issues facing one of the most underrepresented participants in architecture – the construction worker.

Across the world, labour conditions, lack of respect and site accidents often get overlooked in favour of tight deadlines, budgets and increasing public demand for new spaces.

The pavilion, titled ‘Fair Building’, will be divided into two main parts. The main section will be constructed of a module scaffolding installation that forms a direct physical connection to the building site.


Five documentary videos will be screened simultaneously, featuring stories told by construction workers, each focusing on a key angle to the industry – pride in one’s job, lack of respect, labour conditions, danger and accidents. These films, which cover a dozen different sites and feature interviews with construction workers, also depict the five main stages of the construction process.

A further section of the exhibition will consist of a white space containing two sofas and a specially commissioned film that explores the construction industry in Poland, accompanied by wall displays detailing labour statistics and key data.

Polish Pavilion, ‘Fair Building’
Curated by Dominika Janicka in cooperation with Martyna Janicka and Michal Gdak
Location: Giardini