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Sto Werkstatt at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

The Werkstatt, an east London cultural hub and showcase for architectural façade and acoustics experts Sto, will make its debut at Clerkenwell Design Week (20th–22nd May 2014).

Since opening its doors in February this year, the Werkstatt is fast becoming known for its lively programme of talks and exhibitions. To celebrate the festival, the Werkstatt has specially commissioned five multi-media works for its new exhibition: Re.presence: How to See Architecture which will run from 21st May–21st July 2014.

In addition, Sto Werkstatt has teamed up with INSIDE World Festival for Interiors, for the event Designs on the Green which tasks four young London architecture practices to publicly present their ideas for the future of Clerkenwell Green, a neglected piece of London’s public realm as a successful ‘urban room’.

Re.presence: How to See Architecture

Exhibition Dates: 21st May–21st July 2014 (Wed-Fri, 10am-5pm)
Tuesday 20th May 2014
Brunch Preview, 11am – 1pm Evening Event, 6pm – 9pm RSVP to


Still from ‘The Visceral Intricacies of Magister Ludi’s Archetypes’ by C. Fredrik V. Hellberg

Co-curated by Sto Werkstatt’s Amy Croft, and artist Adam Nathaniel Furman, Re.presence explores the complexities of representing architecture, with specially commissioned installations by Studio BAAKO, Adam Nathaniel Furman, C. Fredrik V. Hellberg, Lawrence Lek and Ilona Sagar. The exhibition considers architecture in its many forms: from the built, to the virtual spaces of digital gaming landscapes, the architectural follies of the imagination and the traces that a human body leaves in a space. Using a combination of traditional and new media, the artists and designers in Re.presence have embarked on a search for a multi-sensory language that can communicate both the perceivable and the imperceivable qualities of their chosen sites.

Amy Croft and Adam Nathaniel Furman, co-curators of Re.presence comment: “The idea behind Re.presence grew out of a shared fascination with the rapidly expanding range of possibilities that artists and architects have, to explore and represent their spatial ideas and creative processes. From interactive gaming environments, to digital projective mapping in real space, to the blurring of poetry, animation and traditional craft, to online deep-linking brain-maps, we are proud to bring together five fresh new talents who approach these possibilities from variously fantastical, theoretical, and beautiful perspectives.”

The Visceral Intricacies of Magister Ludi’s Archetypes, is a high definition video installation by C. Fredrik V. Hellberg consisting of mirrors, a looped video projection, suspended paper surfaces and four-channel sound. The work weaves together an intentionally elusive, yet fantastically intricate fiction that charts four characters’ search for universal meaning.

Outside by Adam Nathaniel Furman explores how the absence of information about a place, of not knowing, and not seeing, acts as catalysts for the imagination. The work consists of two 3D printed sculptures cast in resin and set on circular columns, alongside a digital animation with sound viewed on portable tablets with headphones (7’24”, looped).

The video game Shiva’s Dreaming by Lawrence Lek, installed in the Sto Haus, is set within a glass architecture where, through the visitor’s interactions with the game, visual and aural bomb blasts are triggered.

Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye (Proxy) by Ilona Sagar is a film –shot in part at Sto Werkstatt– and installation, exploring technology as a catalyst for shifting understandings of our bodies. The film collates an ensemble of vivid footage shot and carefully framed to endow the digital medium itself with a simulated and yet haptic, fleshy quality.

Re.presence extends beyond the gallery walls through an online platform, designed by studio BAAKO. The interface of this platform draws out inspirations from the works in the exhibition and correlates links between them, becoming a generative databank for new knowledge production.

Developed and installed in the context of Sto Werkstatt, Re.presence: How to See Architecture does not look to demonstrate Sto’s materials per se, rather the artists have discovered subtle touch points between their own creative practices and Sto’s products and business ethos: from exploring the reflectivity of Sto’s metallic paint finishes, the rigorous safety testing of glass facades or more abstractly, the international network of Sto’s technical experts.

To mark the opening of Re.presence, on the evening of Tuesday 20 May Sto Werkstatt is launching an artists’ edition Belgian beer by artist duo Flatten the Mountain for London brewers Anspach & Hobday.

Designs on the Green

Dates: Thursday 22 May 2014
Public Presentations: 4pm – 5pm followed by a drinks reception

Four young London architecture practices are invited by Sto Werkstatt and INSIDE World Festival for Interiors to publicly present their ideas on the future of Clerkenwell Green –a neglected piece of London’s public realm and heart of the Capital’s design district.

Coffey Architects, Pilbrow & Partners, Madoc Architecture and UHA London will present their ideas to a review panel at the Werkstatt, chaired by INSIDE Programme Director Paul Finch.

Paul Finch comments: “In some ways Clerkenwell Green could be regarded as an urban room, a city interior which in its current condition is sorely in need of design inspiration. This is a chance to show how the Green’s potential could be better realised.”

Further information and images: Berna Sermet, or Antonia Peulevé, | 020 7713 9388 | | @carocomms

Notes to Editors

Sto Werkstatt

Werkstatt –meaning workshop in German– is a show-case for the whole Sto Group and a new east London cultural establish- ment with a lively program of exhibitions, talks, CPD’s, workshops and consultations. A full range of Sto Group’s products are at the Werkstatt for architects to play and create with, including glass and rendered rainscreen cladding, seamless acoustics, facade elements and photo catalytic interior paint coating. The Werkstatt also extends out from its hub in Clerkenwell to offer connections to Sto’s international network of technical experts with local and global knowledge. Opening times: Wed– Fri, 10am-5pm (or by appointment).

INSIDE World Festival for Interiors

From the 1st–3rd October, interior designers and architects from all over the world will come together at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore to learn, meet and share ideas at INSIDE Festival, one of the most innovative fixtures in the interior design calendar. At INSIDE’s heart is a global awards programme, which will be judged by more than 20 distinguished designers and editors from around the world. Finalists from across 13 diverse categories present their projects in person to an illustrious judging panel including Matteo Thun, Jaya Ibrahim, Pernilla Ohrstedt, David Kohn, Joyce Wang, Voon Wong and Chris Lee The category winners will then go head-to-head before our super jury, which will be overseen by INSIDE’s associate director, internationally renowned designer and RCA Professor Emeritus, Nigel Coates. Alongside INSIDE’s live crits the Festival boasts an exhibition of all entries and an inspirational talks programme which this year will focus on ‘Interiors, mind and body.’ INSIDE will be housed in a truly inspirational space with its own specially commissioned, pop-up bar designed by internationally acclaimed VW+BS; an exhibition of all INSIDE award entries and curated features. INSIDE will be collocated with its sister event, World Architecture Festival. World Architecture Festival 2013 had 2,100 attendees. Past speakers have included Sou Fujimoto, Thomas Heatherwick and Benedetta Tagliabue. INSIDE provides the interior community with a vibrant platform for creative thought, mutual inspiration and idea exchange, capturing the design zeitgeist, in style, over three electrifying days in Singapore. This year we anticipate an audience of over 2,500 to attend both events. INSIDE launched in 2011 and 2014 will be its second year in Singapore.