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The Affusion Pipe from Dornbracht: A simple way to integrate spa-style wellness into your bathroom

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Dornbracht’s affusion pipe is the perfect way to include Kneipp therapy, a beneficial health and spa treatment, into your daily washroom routine.

Dornbracht’s Affusion Pipe

What is Kneipp Therapy?

This historical wellness remedy was first explored by world-renowned priest Sebastian Kneipp in the 1800s as a method to treat his tuberculosis. These holistic teachings developed into what we now know as Kneipp therapy, a lifestyle attitude that combines five key pillars; herbal medicine, exercise therapy, nutritional therapy, lifestyle management and hydrotherapy. Dornbracht collaborated with leading European expert Jochen Reisberger to harness the theory of hydrotherapy and develop a product for the washroom.

Dornbracht’s affusion pipe was designed to exercise the cardiovascular system whilst restoring balance to the automatic nervous system, our body’s emotional pendulum. It was designed on the basis that regular, targeted applications of water can have a positive effect on the body and mind. The special laminar flow completely covers the skin, maximising the positive effect of the hydrotherapy. With gentle motions, you apply water pressure to the arms, thighs and face to promote better circulation and provide a boost the body’s metabolism. The vessels contract on contact with cold water which results in an increase in blood flow, rejuvenating the skin. These stimulating exercises can be used to revitalise or relax the body, allowing users to recharge in a private space in the home.

Dornbracht’s Affusion Pipe

This wellness product from Dornbracht is an easy way to incorporate Kneipp therapy into your daily washroom routine. The different healing exercises can lower blood pressure, encourage healthy sleep patterns, and increase circulation which leads to refreshed, firm skin. The affusion pipe provides a solution that is both cost and space efficient, creating the opportunity to experience a personalised spa treatment from home. This product is part of Dornbracht’s LifeSpa concept, a series of designs that integrate health-enhancing water applications into the washroom.

“I use an affusion pipe intensively myself and one of the great benefits is that I have hardly any muscle pain anymore after intensive running or sporting activities. If you use the affusion pipe for a cold treatment on your arms it can be the same effect as drinking an espresso — or using cool water treatments on your legs in the evening can help to reduce blood pressure, and this can lead you to sleep better — its better than taking a pill.” Christian Sieger of Sieger Designs

Dornbracht’s Affusion Pipe

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