Alison Brooks Architects to explore the evolution of state-sponsored housing at the Venice Biennale

At the 15th International Architecture Exhibition Alison Brooks Architects will present ‘City(e)State’ as part of the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition, ‘Time-Space-Existence’. As well as Alison Brooks Architects, the exhibition, which will take place at the Palazzo Mora, will see 100 other established and emerging practices from a range of countries and cultures explore the fundamental themes of mankind, and the short and long-term impact that architects can make on the environment and the individual.


Photograph by Paul Riddle

Alison Brooks Architects considers housing design to be the most fundamental aspect of city-building, as it constitutes urban form, civic space and community identity. In light of this, ‘City(e)State’ will see the practice analyse the evolution of state-sponsored housing architecture as a reflection of the social, economic and political values of the day. Four specific timeframes and urban paradigms found in London will be examined – 1890s suburb, 1960s modernist estate, contemporary estate regeneration and a speculative future.

The exhibition will uncover qualities found in London’s monumental urban housing estates, and how these have become synonymous with economic and social segregation. It will also include Alison Brooks Architects’ on-going work with the London Borough of Brent on the regeneration of South Kilburn Estate in North London.

‘Time – Space – Existence’
28 May – 27 November 2016
European Cultural Centre