Bompas & Parr exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum celebrates funeral architecture

Bompas & Parr are teaming up with the Sir John Soane’s Museum for their Monumental Masonry exhibition in December to celebrate life and death. They have launched the Monumental Masonry competition to reignite interest in funeral architecture – and want you to be involved!


Inspired by a delicately carved sarcophagus in the basement of Sir John Soane’s Museum, the food scientist duo have put their jelly moulds and lava barbeques to one side (for the moment) and picked up their curatorial hats to organise Monumental Masonry, an auction and pop-up exhibition at the museum in time for Christmas that celebrates death, in a move to readdress our maudlin take on the ghoulish matter.

Bompas & Parr has issued an open call to designers, architects and artists to submit their designs for a piece of funeral architecture which could be a tomb, cenotaph or mausoleum, either for themselves or anyone of their choosing (dead or alive) – a true celebration of the Ghost of Christmas Past, I think you will agree. The duo are now working their way through more than 100 submissions to elect the 10 winning designs.


The designs will be judged by a distinguished panel including a funeral director and stonemason, as well as architect and writer Sam Jacob, all of which will be 3D printed by Bompas & Parr and displayed in Sir John Soane’s Museum during December. The models will then be auctioned to raise money for Maggie’s charity and the Museum itself.

The show opens on 6th December, so be sure to put the date in your diary.