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Bring Nature Inside With Iittala Vases

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The beauty of nature infuses the fields, gardens and forests for our enjoyment. Iittala encourages you to bring the natural greenery inside. We believe every home deserves a piece of nature to create the art of balance. A well-designed vessel elevates even the simplest twigs to a piece of art, created by mother nature.

Bring nature inside with Iittala vases

Iittala offers an extensive array of vases and vessels for all types of flower arrangements, whether a bunch of twigs and leaves from the forest, freshly picked meadow flowers, or an arranged bouquet from the local florist.

The base for the vase collection is the icon of Nordic glass design, the Alvar Aalto vase from 1936. The collection consists of vases in various sizes and heights, in the full Iittala colour palette. The Alvar Aalto Collection is known for its organic, free shaped form that is created in the hands of the most skilled glass blowers at the Iittala factory in Finland.

In the same skilled hands, the Ruutu Collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (2015) was born. Whereas the Aalto collec- tion invites us to display the individual vase as an iconic form, or to make a great rich table display, Ruutu encourages us to use our imaginations for different vase arrangements, big or small. The precise, geometric shape creates a very contemporary look and gives room for individual colour combinations. Whether filled with flowers or highlighted with just a simple twig and its emerging leaves, Ruutu brings beauty to the home in a subtle way. The colour combinations are at their best in the window sill where the light blends the colours of the vase for the feel of an aquarelle.

The newest addition to the collection is a vase from the beloved Kastehelmi range by the master of glass, Oiva Toikka. This easygoing, joyful vase has a tactile dotted surface and is perfect as a great everyday vase or gift, either with flowers or without. The vase brings a rich summer ambiance to any garden party or gathering around the dining table. There are plenty of earthy and rich colour options to choose from.

A big bunch of flowers is not always neccessary to highlight the beauty of nature. By displaying one twig or delicate flower, the uniqueness of it becomes visible, as if seen through a magnifying glass. The mouth-blown one flower vase in the Iittala X Issey Miyake collection is designed with the details of nature in mind. Small flowers can also find a home in the extensive range of Iittala drinking glasses, or even its tealight candle holder collection, available in various shapes and colours, and all made in Iittala.

Iittala’s collection includes unique pieces and artistic glass, respecting the glass blowing techniques and skills of the factory. Many of the pieces, like Claritas collection by Timo Sarpaneva and Kantarelli vase by Tapio Wirkkala, are masterpieces made of glass, but retain a truly functional feel. The artistic glass blowers of Iittala continue the work of the great design maestros, who originally designed them that way.

Bring nature inside with Iittala vases

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