Carlo Ratti Associati presents Scribit write and erase robot at CES 2019

Could the screen of the future be analog? That’s the revolution suggested by Scribit.

After a multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaign – one of the top 150 ever launched on Kickstarter, with over $2,350,000 raised – Scribit has been presented at Las Vegas’ 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), where it will be on display until 11 January.

Designed by Carlo Ratti Associati, the award-winning design and innovation firm led by MIT professor Carlo Ratti, and now available on the market, Scribit is a write and erase robot that can turn any vertical surface into a low-refresh screen displaying information from the web, user-generated content and art. Scribit can endlessly transform any physical wall around us into an analog screen.

The CES is the leading event for the global tech community. Since 2016, innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, flexible screens and virtual reality have dominated the Las Vegas show. While we all share excitement for the benefits of such technologies, many are questioning today’s pixel monoculture. Scribit proposes an alternative direction.

Scribit is an ‘internet of things’ companion that not only allows users to turn their walls into interactive canvases, but also reminds us that great things require patience. Like the slow food movement, we could think about ‘slow information’. In the process of creation, the Scribit robot and the user can seamlessly work together, both of them using markers, to complete an analog piece of creativity that improves the space where we live and work – and that is ready to be reconfigured again, if necessary.

Scribit at CES | Sands, Hall G – 51108, Eureka Park | until 11 January 2019

Scribit at CES 2019, BBC News