Krill Design

After years of research into new biomaterials, Milan-based start-up Krill Design has created Ohmie The Orange Lamp. By transforming Sicilian orange peels into a 100% natural and compostable lamp, this product combines design and sustainability in a totally Made in Italy supply chain. Born from a Circular Economy paradigm, each lamp contains the peels of 2-3 oranges.

Ohmie The Orange Lamp launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on Tuesday 6 July 2021.

Ohmie addresses the problem of over-exploitation of natural resources by transforming a product that is often mistaken as waste into a valuable material. Krill Design specializes in the research and development of organic materials as a precious resource that offers new material experiences and builds the potential for circular design. Krill Design clients include Enel, Autogrill and San Pellegrino, who rely on the start-up both for its innovation and expertise in sustainable design.