‘Cultivation of Chandeliers’ is the expression of a Bohemian crystal glass making tradition that dates to 1724. Preciosa Lighting cultivates and manufactures chandeliers, but more importantly, keeps them dynamic, ensuring they always reflect genius loci, a lifestyle, and make a statement for the future.

Since 1724, Preciosa has strengthened and deepened its knowledge of the characteristic properties of crystal glass to masterly perfection, producing and cultivating chandeliers according to original Bohemian traditions. The very highest standards of craftsmanship and unique technical knowledge make Preciosa one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine glass chandeliers.

Caro Communications has been appointed by Preciosa to handle the international PR campaign for its immersive installation, ‘Breath of Light’, at La Posteria during Milan Design Week 2018.

Come and see Caro clients at Milan Design Week 2019

If April spells one thing in our calendar, it’s Milan Design Week, and we are looking forward to our annual…

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Press Release:
Preciosa unveils ‘Breath of Light’ at Milan Design Week

Breath of Light, Preciosa Lighting’s newest design, opens today at the Milan Design Week. Breath of Light is a dynamic,…

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