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Dornbracht presents Aquamoon, new at Milan 2018

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Dornbracht Aquamoon

Water, light, energy – Aquamoon represents a new dimension of a highly-individual shower experience.
The spa application embodies the next level in the Dornbracht LifeSpa and permits a unique encounter with the element of water: four newly-developed flow modes and fascinating lighting scenarios are combined to form an emotional water experience capable of boosting a new level of joie de vivre. After presenting Aquamoon as a concept study within the framework of the ISH in 2017, Dornbracht is presenting the production-ready application for the first time at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Aquamoon is distinguished by its particularly minimalist design, attributing focus to the unique water experience. A dome in the ceiling offers a particularly deep-view effect: by means of a concealed light strip inside the semi-sphere, Aquamoon creates the perfect mood lighting while generating a feeling of infiniteness when gazing upwards.

Dornbracht Aquamoon

The four flow modes:

Queen’s Collar. Lifts the burdens of everyday life from your shoulders.
Queen’s Collar is a semi-circular cascade of water which is reminiscent of a waterfall as a natural experience. The flow mode massages the head, shoulder and spinal area with controls for water pressure and temperature.

Embrace. A feeling of security.
As its name suggests, Embrace envelopes the body in water – but the head stays dry. This gives rise to a high-intensity experience of security, during which everyday routines can be forgotten and breathing concentrated on, focussing on the self.

Aqua Circle. Adapts to any requirement.
The effect of Aqua Circle is regulated by the volume of water. Like a gentle funnel, the water falls from the dome. The more the water flows, the smaller the funnel effect will be. When less water is applied, the funnel enlarges, staying clear of the head, and the water falls like a rain curtain onto shoulders.

Tempest. The nature of water.
With its large droplets which fall seemingly effortlessly and autonomously aided by gravity, the Tempest flow mode introduces the natural experience of a tempestuous rain shower to the bathroom. A thundery shower coming from every direction, it clears the air while simultaneously ensuring relaxation and refreshment.


Aquamoon is available in three different versions; Rainmoon and Aquamon will be available for delivery from August 2018, and Aquamoon ATT will be available on request from 2019.


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