The Dornbracht Water Experience to make waves at designjunction

High-end kitchen and bathroom manufacturer Dornbracht will create an immersive installation, the Dornbracht Water Experience, at designjunction for this year’s London Design Festival.

The ambitious waterfall installation will be constructed from Dornbracht products, and is designed to simulate the feeling of standing by the sea in the heart of urban London. Through the installation Dornbracht will represent the impact that water has on our health, and will highlight the company’s ability to control and orchestrate the performance of water.


The installation will occupy one of the purpose-built, Monopoly-style houses in Granary Square, and will trigger two of the permanent features in the Square to produce a wave effect that appears to radiate from the house out into its surroundings. This wave will move at the speed of those walking by, aligning the environment with designjunction visitors, and simulating the invigorating feeling of walking towards the sea.


To create a multi-sensory experience, the waterfall and fountain movement will also be connected to sounds, with visitors hearing a soothing soundtrack devised by Wave Studios. In addition, a live string quartet will take place several times a day throughout the Festival, with the movement of the fountains changing to mirror the musicians’ soundtrack of the sea.

The Dornbracht Water Experience will be at designjunction in Granary Square, King’s Cross, between 22-25 September. For further information, please contact Lizzie Colville: