Capturing faces, impacting places – see the world exposed through an architect’s lens

It has been 10 years since Phil Coffey founded Coffey Architects, which is also the same time he started his Outside photography project. Always a keen photographer, Phil is certain that the composition of light and space in the images he captures with his camera have a fundamental impact on the architectural designs of his company. Both disciplines require a deep understanding of how we exist in our environment, encompassing constraints and opportunities simultaneously.


Antarctic, by Phil Coffey

For the Exposure exhibition at the RIBA, Coffey Architects has gathered the work of the practice, from schools and houses in London, to the headquarters of a steel company in China. These are currently being exhibited alongside never-before-seen images from Phil Coffey’s travels around the world, documenting the homes and communities of people in every corner of the planet, as well as the landscapes that contain them. The discovery of new people and new places is at the core of the exhibitiona reflection of Phil’s belief that such experiences hold value beyond the surface level, and that they teach us more about ourselves and the environment; the way we live our lives and the way that architects and designers impact on other people’s.


Folded House, Coffey Architects

Exposure by Coffey Architects at the RIBA Practice Space
15 October – 24 November 2015
Monday to Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesdays: 10am – 8pm