Press Release:
FutureBrand UXUS brings Godiva to life in Hong Kong’s YOHO Mall

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Luxury chocolate brand Godiva has opened a unique store in Hong Kong’s YOHO Mall, designed by retail experience experts FutureBrand UXUS. The new retail store brings the Godiva brand to life by indulging all the senses.

FutureBrand UXUS redesigned the current store format and elevated the customer experience to be more engaging, interactive and immersive. The store is not just a physical space but an event, with authentic and artful moments of beauty cut through the routine. The ever-changing elements in the space create shareable moments for the modern customer.

Making chocolate is a real art, and FutureBrand UXUS created a store that is a chocolatiers dream. The new store takes chocolates out of the box and invites consumers into a world where they can live, feel, touch and taste Godiva’s ultimate indulgence in every room. The look and feel is directly inspired by the setting in which Godiva chocolatiers dream up new creations – their studios – but with a touch of extraordinary spectacle, evolving the retail identity with contemporary and artistic cues.

The main elements of the store design include bold shapes and forms, craftsmanship demonstrated in the layered materials and textures, immersion in the form of organic matter and food displays, with textures inspired by Godiva and the chocolate making process. Just like a box of Godiva chocolates, the store o ers a sequential experience as customers move through the space. The aim of the store is to encourage customers to discover new creations, shop for occasions, experience the passion of Godiva’s craftsmanship and to encourage them to dwell and socialize in the space.

FutureBrand UXUS designed experience zones throughout the store. As you enter the store, the dynamic shop front window showcases the art of making chocolate in all forms. A gallery displays new launches in an artistic setting, customers can shop by mood at the self-treat palette, or visit the occasion zone to and the perfect gift. A resident atelier showcases the theatre of Godiva craftsmanship and a café with mirrored walls provides the perfect lounge for hanging out and sharing treats.