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Heal’s Vintage Posters

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In 1983 when the Heal’s family sold the retail business to Terence Conran’s Storehouse Group, they gave the archive to the V&A where it’s now housed. As well as furniture designs, there are innovative marketing materials – some of the first brochures mailed out to customers in the 1890s when mail order was the internet of the day (many thought it would replace bricks and mortar stores which sounds familiar doesn’t it?). There are also 70 beautiful posters, designed to promote new furniture ranges and exhibitions in the feted Mansard Gallery which opened in 1917. As we have been renovating the store over the past two years we have discovered drawers with previously unseen posters that will go to the V&A archive.


Heal’s Vintage Posters: “Winter comforts in the home”

Some original posters are in circulation and can be found on specialist poster sale sites. The ones for the Mansard Gallery exhibitions were designed by the artists on show and are highly collectable. To celebrate the discovery of this new cache of posters we have reprinted a small collection. The posters are printed onto hand made paper using fine giclee ink-jet printing. Available in solid, stained black ash frames made in the UK. Large framed print, £45, small framed print, £25.


Heal’s Vintage Posters (Clockwise from top left): “Contemporary furniture at Heal’s”, “Furniture for the garden at Heal’s”, “Heal’s for beds”, “Heals for pottery and glass”.

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