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Home Complements by Alexander Girard for Vitra

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Vitra broadens its collection of design objects, accessories and textiles and small furniture and strengthens its position in the accessories market.

With “Home Complements”, Vitra presents a growing collection focused on the colourful patterns and objects of Alexander Girard, as well as classics by George Nelson and Charles & Ray Eames and inspiring objects by contemporary designers. The common thread of the collection is the objects’ authenticity, joy and playfulness.

Accessories have always been part of the Vitra Collection, and now even more attention will be devoted to them. Vitra has recently started working intensively with the archive of Alexander Girard, a master of colour, textiles, patterns and decoration – it was with Girard in mind that a series of new objects had been added to the growing Home Complements Collection.

Small things – the diversity of accessories as well as the composition of various colours, shapes and objects – play a major role in our emotional attachment to the home. Designers such as Alexander Girard, George Nelson and Charles & Ray Eames had this unified understanding of design. Using these ideas in the mid twentieth century, they created home environments in which small things and details always had an important place.

With “Home Complements”, Vitra continues to broaden its accessories collection in collaboration with various designers and offers a wide range of timeless design objects. Featuring the colourful Coat Dots by Hella Jongerius, the playful Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard or the elegant and classic Rotary Trays by Jasper Morrison, “Home Complements” includes tomorrow’s classics for object-oriented design with both functionality and intelligence.

“Home complements embraces the freedom of choice, and here, your own taste is your guide. Base your selection on intuition: combine shapes and colours, and allow the poetry of imperfection to speak. Be inspired to make your own combinations that fit your needs,” states Mirkku Kullberg, Head of Vitra Home Segment.

Vitra Home Complements are available at selected retailers in April 2015.

Alexander Girard
Along with his colleagues Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures in American design during the postwar era. While textile design was the primary focus of Girard’s oeuvre, he was also admired for his work in the graphic arts as well as furniture, exhibition and interior design.

Girard brought a sensuous playfulness to twentieth-century design that had been absent from the austere aesthetic of classic modernism.

In addition to classic products such as the Hang it all, the Uten.Silo or the Nelson Clocks, Girard’s multi-faceted work and his enthusiasm for bright colours and lively patterns have been a great inspiration for the following new accessories.


Wooden Doll Cat and Dog, 1952
The extended family of Wooden Dolls has gained two new members from the animal kingdom – Cat and Dog. Available in two sizes, Cat and Dog consist of three parts held together by magnets, which add more playfulness to the dolls.


Cat and Dog Doll by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Matchboxes, 1967–1972
On his extensive travels, Girard avidly collected textiles and folk art – as well as matchboxes – from all over the world. Together with the contents of his studio, which encompassed hundreds of drawings, prototypes and samples, Girard donated a major portion of these objects to the Vitra Design Museum in 1993. The Girard Matchboxes come in assorted motifs created by the designer for various purposes and have been selected by Vitra in cooperation with the Girard family.


Matchboxes by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Coffee Mugs, 1971
In his work as an interior designer, Girard created a number of concepts for restaurants that went beyond colour schemes and furnishings to encompass such details as menu cards, matchboxes, tableware and napkins. The motifs featured on the Coffee Mugs have their origins and inspiration in the rich diversity of these environments.


Coffee Mugs by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Classic Trays, 1952–1974
The serving trays are available in a variety of colourful motifs created by the designer in 1952–1975 and have been selected by Vitra in collaboration with the Girard family. They are made of laminated plywood and come in three different sizes.


Classic Trays by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Notebooks, 1952
The hardbound and soft cover Notebooks offer various colourful motifs. They are available in a variety of sizes and serve as functional and elegant books for recording notes, writing or drawing.


Notebooks by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Paper Napkins, 1953-1961
The Paper Napkins come in assorted motifs created by Girard for various purposes. They are decorative, colourful and unique, and bring joyfulness to everyday living.


Paper Napkins by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Greeting Cards, 1965-1971
The Greeting Cards come in assorted motifs created by Alexander Girard. With their beautiful, colourful and joyful design they give perfect occasion to send a nice note to family or friends.


Greeting Cards by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Zip Pouches, 1965
The textile pattern Checker (black/white), designed by Alexander Girard, was selected by Vitra in collaboration with the Girard family to create the Zip Pouches. These functional pouches brighten up the working and everyday life.


Zip Pouches by Alexander Girard for Vitra


Coat Dots, 2014
The works of Dutch designer Hella Jongerius exhibit her unique manner of fusing industry and craft, high- and low-tech, traditional and modern. Throughout her projects, she has consistently emphasised the importance of colours and surfaces in contemporary design. As part of her work on the Vitra Colour Library, Hella Jongerius designed the Coat Dots in three colour groups with finely nuanced shades of red, green or white.


Coat Dots by Hella Jongerius for Vitra


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