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The Hong Kong Design Centre showcases the region’s most innovative designers at the Triennale di Milano during Milan Design Week

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Confluence • 20+ at Milan Design Week

April 4-16, 2017 | Salone d’Onore, La Triennale di Milano Viale Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milan

Confluence • 20+, an exhibition of 20 of Hong Kong’s most outstanding designers will launch at the Triennale di Milano (Centre for contemporary art, architecture and design) during Milan Design Week 2017.

The exhibition showcases the work of a group of entrepreneurs, thinkers and designers, both native to Hong Kong and those who have lived and practiced in Hong Kong for a long period of time, whose work addresses a global audience and provides the world with a new vantage point on their country. The creative forces in play in the exhibition are manifested in a city characterized by its unique positioning and unprecedented opportunity within Asia and China. Additionally, cultural diversity, density, state of flux, and contrast between modernity and tradition, the East and the West have had a profound influence on the designers exhibiting.

Each designer represents Hong Kong as a hub of experimentation – generating new approaches and solutions of worldwide relevance – and as a driving force for a new discussion of design in the twenty-first century.

Curator Amy Chow, says: “Underpinning the exhibits is an extra value added to everyday objects through revisiting with fresh eyes. Hong Kong designers have raised the bar in bridging the aesthetics of the East and West. They offer a vision that transgresses personal, disciplinary, and social boundaries.”

A number of themes run through the designers’ works to create a vibrant and relevant expression of Hong Kong’s unique creative outlook:

The meridian of time and the latitude of East and West cross their ways…

(Designers: Alan Chan, Samuel Chan, Lo Chi Wing, Lo Kai Yin) Hong Kong designer Alan Chan and Lo Kai Yin embark on their revelatory Silk Road journey and revisit the century-old heritage in the light of contemporary sensibility. Samuel Chan and Lo Chi Wing present their sublime synthesis of Oriental aesthetics and Western ideals in celebration of the East-meets-West edge of Hong Kong.

Diversity of visual expression…

(Designers: Stanley Wong, Lo Sing Chin, Lee Chi Wing, Chiu Kwong Chiu, Freeman Lau, Lu Lu Cheung, Otto Tang) Stanley Wong’s iconic redwhiteblue series and Lo Sing Chin’s Guangcai- inspired outdoor living gear represent Hong Kong natives’ dedication to reconfigure local identity and communal values. Freeman Lau modernises Chinese calligraphy with a perfect balance of utility and artistry and Lee Chi Wing revives the tea drinking culture with his streamlined tea stall. Lulu Cheung’s and Otto Tang’s floral buoyancy expresses feminine jouissance with chic practicality. Chiu Kwong Chiu offers a quick tour of the Forbidden City to shed light on the reasons and meanings of traditional Chinese architecture and designs.

Human nature to merge through good design

(Designers: Nicol Boyd and Tomas Ros , Julie Progin and Jesse McLin, Sammy Or, Sharon de Lyster) Sharon de Lyster’s exploration of Asian heritage textiles promotes preservation of the disappearing traditions as well as ethical fashion production. Julie Progin and Jesse McLin’s poetic reinterpretation of Jingdezhen porcelain embrace decay and happenstances as endemic to their creative processes. The digital installation of Sammy Or’s Chinese font design choreographs an interactive symphony of nature and typography. Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosén continue to pursue simplicity and usability in their collaboration with partners and specialists.

Curiosity and joy

(Designers: Elaine Ng, Kingsley Ng) Elaine Ng’s responsive installation comprising smart chandeliers and Kingsley Ng’s multimedia tribute to Hong Kong literature showcase the vibrant excellence and jubilant multitude of the city’s creative industries.

Looking towards the future

(Designers: Gary Chang, James Law, C.L. Lam) Gary Chang’s experiment with compact housing and James Law’s portable mobile home usher in the trend of modern living, complemented by C.L. Lam’s upcycling solution to sustainability, another technical innovation essential to the future development of humankind.

The Confluence • 20+ exhibition programme at Milan Design Week is sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels. This exhibition series is an accredited event celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Hong Kong Design Centre is a government-funded non-profit organisation that celebrates design excellence. The institution champions the creation of business values and community benefits through design. This latest exhibition series pays homage to Hong Kong’s design heritage and will travel to three further destinations following Milan; Hong Kong, Seoul and Chicago.


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