Archiboo Web Awards: How to create an award winning website

Ahead of next month’s Archiboo Web Awards, founder Amanda Baillieu has shared her top tips on how to create an award winning website in a new white paper. Read an excerpt below.

Your website needs to be winning you work by portraying who you are as a practice. 

This is the big takeaway from our white paper on how to design and run an award-winning website based on interviews with past winners of the Archiboo Web Awards.

This means that every piece of content you produce, whether a video or a blog post, needs to contribute to your practice’s online presence and help create your ‘personality’.

But it’s equally important to know your audience and understand their objectives when they visit your website while making their journey as easy as possible. 

And you will need to define your tone of voice – the personality that will engage your audience and demonstrate the values you have fought hard to establish. 

And if you’re going to put time and effort into creating content, it’s essential to make sure your audience likes it and, as a result, it’s adding value to your business.

While showcasing your work is the fun part award-winning web design is about much more than this. Increasingly what matters is performance such as how long a page takes to load and giving priority to the mobile version.

Understanding Google Analytics encourages you to continually improve your website and its content.  Furthermore, it’s about understanding how to use social media to connect and communicate in ways that are authentic and honest.

How to design an award-winning website is now available to download below and is supported by Adrem Architecture and designed by Very Own Studio.

Archiboo Web Awards return on 1 October 2019, with Caro’s own Digital Director Carine Hawkins as judge of the Best Mobile Experience category. Caro is also proud to be a sponsor of these fantastic awards.

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