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INSIDE Festival of Interiors announces final seminar programme for 2016 edition

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INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, the leading global interior design and architecture awards programme, has today announced it has finalised its seminar programme for the event which will take place at Arena Berlin, Germany, from 16-18 November.

Clockwise from top left: Paul Monaghan, Seyhan Özdemir, Nicolas Roope, Ross Lovegrove, Jürgen Mayer H., Joyce Wang

INSIDE’s organisers have announced that international interior design leaders including Joyce Wang, Ross Lovegrove and Paul Monaghan have joined this year’s roster of speakers, which will be chaired by Nigel Coates. They will be accompanied by prominent local luminaries including Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, Principal, Grüntuch-Ernst Architekten; Sigurd Larsen, Principal, Sigurd Larsen – Design and Architecture; Jan Liebe, Principal of Berlin-based Nord Studio; and Jürgen Mayer H., Principal of J. Mayer H. Architecture Design Research.

The theme for INSIDE 2016 is ‘Fluid Interiors’ and will explore how crossover design is transforming how we live, work and play. An in-depth talks programme will explore this topic and debate the implications for interior architecture and design regarding the increasing fluidity of uses, as the boundaries between workplace, home and leisure spaces become blurred.

Session highlights on this year’s seminar programme include:


Public vs private – a new balance

Addressing how the boundaries between personal and public space across a range of settings are changing, this session will examine how designers must balance intimacy, privacy and openness across collective and individual space, looking at how lighting, furniture and spatial planning can provide maximum flexibility of use.Speakers: Seyhan Özdemir, Principal, Autoban. Edgar Gonzalez, Director Bachelor in Design, IE School of Architecture and Design, EGD Edgar Gonzalez Design 


The Future: how is the way we live changing?

Examining how fluid the interior spaces we inhabit will need to respond to the global socio-economic political factors that will change the lifestyles we lead in the future.

The session will also anticipate and debate the impact of future technologies, and how practices and studios must design with strategic foresight of these issues. Speakers: Jürgen Mayer H, Principal, J Mayer H Architecture Design Research; Ludwig Engel, futurologist and urbanist interdisciplinary in the fields of culture, science and economy 


The office home 

Delivered by the designer behind Google’s new London HQ, this session focuses on the key issues around designing for a workers’ community, and how proficient spatial planning accelerates community and opportunity. It will also address the challenges creating permeable spaces that are flexible yet specific enough to accommodate multiple functions of the new office, and how the new generation of shared workspaces impacts on office design. Speaker: Paul Monaghan, Principal, AHMM


Virtual vs physical

How will the emergence of virtual experiences impact the design of physical interiors and what are the anticipated consequences of this step-change for designers? Will a future increasingly populated with digitally simulated spaces spurn a new breed of designers working on the edge of architecture, advertising, film and game design?Speakers: Tino Schaedler, Principal, Optimist Design. Nicolas Roope, Founder and Director, Poke


Home from home

The designer of Berlin’s award winning Michelberger Hotel loft suites discusses how hotels can provide personalised, customisable, domestic ambience for the bleisure tribe and when how a space reflect and integrate the buzz of a neighbourhood. Sigurd Larsen, Principal, Sigurd Larsen Design and Architecture


As well as the seminar programme for this year’s event, delegates will also have access to live crit presentations for this year’s INSIDE awards, where nominees will present their projects to distinguished international juries during the Festival to compete for one of the nine, coveted INSIDE category awards. The overall winner of the World Interior of the Year will be announced at an exclusive gala dinner on 18 November.

Shortlisted designers reflect the global reach of the awards and include Eight Inc. (USA), Draft (Japan), Kerry Phelan Design Office (Australia). noa* – network of architecture (Italy), OHLab (Spain), Rosan Bosch Studio (Denmark), Studio Lotus (India), studioMK27 (Brazil), De Matos Ryan (UK) and Hülle & Fülle (Germany). Chinese practice Neri&Hu Design and Research Office can celebrate as the practice with the most shortlisted projects, four in total, while fellow Chinese practice One Plus Partnership and Australians BVN achieve three shortlisted projects apiece.

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