July 2020: What to listen to this month

HMS Windrush

The Windrush generation
Last week saw the second Windrush Day, a day that celebrates the contributions of the Windrush generation to Britain. History Extra, a podcast from the team behind BBC History Magazine, presents a special podcast hosted by Colin Grant that tells the remarkable stories of post-war immigrants to Britain from the Caribbean.

Buildings on Air
Buildings on Air is a monthly FM radio show that aims to demystify architecture, featuring guests from across the globe. The show’s extensive archive includes interviews with Extinction Rebellion and Adam Nathaniel Furman, and episodes covering topics from hostile architecture to the crisis of urban housing.

Design Better
Season four of the Design Better Podcast aims to take a look at how team can work better together for greater impact across design, engineering, business and product. Most recently interviewed were Boyuan Gao and Jahan Mantin, the founders of Project Inkblot, who have built a practical framework that can help everyone design for diversity, and can also be a guide for challenging conversations.