July 2020: What to read this month

Western Massachusetts House by Tom Kundig

Navigator: To Understand Race and Place, Here’s Where To Start
This recent edition of Citylab’s Navigator highlights key readings from urbanists, architects, planners and engineers that confront the intersection between race and place. From the Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Booklist to the Racist History of Curfews in America, this reading list gives us an initial framework within which to partake in crucial discussions on how these industries can champion change.

Cabinet of Curiosities
Discover hidden treasures in Cabinets of Curiosities, a new book on the history of ‘wunderkammer’ that fascinated people of the 16th and 17th centuries. These cabinets housed some the world’s most beautiful collections, with this volume offering insight into the Medici treasury and the Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe) of Dresden.

Tom Kundig: Working Title
Published earlier this year by Princeton Architectural Press, this new book examines twenty-nine projects by Tom Kundig in order to reveal the hand of a master of richly detailed architecture. As Kundig’s work has increased in scale and variety, in diverse locations from his native Seattle to Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro, it continues to exhibit his signature sensitivity to material and locale.