June 2020: What to watch this month

Photographer Yuan Yao

Selected by our team at Caro, here are the top shows, conversations and video podcasts to tune in to this month:

Black Females in Architecture: Decolonising Architecture (100 Day Studio)
On day 31 of the Architecture Foundation’s 100 Day Studio, Neba Sere and Umi Baden-Powell of Black Females in Architecture spoke about the importance of decolonising the architecture curriculum and representation in the industry. You can revisit the talk on YouTube now, and follow Black Females in Architecture on Twitter and Instagram to find out more.

Coronavirus: A Great Leveller?
Join XXAOC for a virtual round table discussion about the power in-balances exposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. As discussed by journalist Emily Maitlis, the myth that Coronavirus affects all of society equally needs debunking when many factors contribute to one’s likelihood of catching the disease. Participants from XXAOC’s original film will consider how both as architects and a society we can move forward and tackle these issues of inequality.

Fotographers (in) Focus
Swedish photography museum Fotografiska recently opened a new location in New York and has been, like many other arts venues, forced to adapt its offering in light of its quick closure. Fotographers (in) Focus is a video series that flips the camera onto artists whose work was on show before the gallery’s temporary closure. Artists include Yuan Yao, Stefanie Moshammer and Laurence Philomène.