Krill Design

Ohmie The Orange Lamp by Krill Design

After years of research into new biomaterials, Milan-based start-up Krill Design has created Ohmie The Orange Lamp. By transforming Sicilian orange peels into a 100% natural and compostable lamp, this product combines design and sustainability in a totally Made in Italy supply chain. Born from a Circular Economy paradigm, each lamp contains the peels of two to three oranges.

Caro was asked to support Krill Design with their Kickstarter campaign that would ensure Ohmie The Orange Lamp made it into production. Within three hours of launching, the campaign hit their targets and has increased exponentially ever since. Caro secured editorial coverage in leading international publications including Dezeen, Disegno Journal, Fast Company, FX, The Observer and Wired and subsequently obtained endorsements from key press to help develop the product even further.