Chatsworth commissions stellar designers for latest exhibition

For its 2015 headline exhibition Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth, Chatsworth in Derbyshire has commissioned internationally acclaimed designers Raw Edges and Tom Price to create seating installations inspired by the iconic house and its surroundings. Raw Edges’ Endgrain seating will see the historic Sculpture Gallery filled with a grid-like wooden floors with coloured pathways that run through the gallery. Inspired by the sixth Duke’s desire for a colourful floor of Swedish porphyry, the floor will consist of benches and stools which appear to grow like tree-trunks from the densely coloured areas of the floor, allowing the sitter to appreciate the sculptures from new, unforeseen angles.

Counterpart by Tom Price, is inspired by the minerals found at Chatsworth, and consists of two benches, one made of resin and one of coal, that sit together but materially and visually are diametrically apart.


End Grain by Raw Edges for Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth