Mathieu Lehanneur brings his Liquid Marble series to London

Award-winning French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has been commissioned by the London Design Festival to install a work from his Liquid Marble series in the Victoria and Albert Museum for the duration of the Festival.

Located in the Museum’s spectacular Norfolk House Music Room, the installation evokes a surreal vision of the sea by mimicking the look and feel of rippling water. Made from a single piece of hand-polished black marble, and designed using advanced 3D movie-making software, Liquid Marble reproduces the visual effect of a sea surface, gently ruffled by the wind. The structure reflects and distorts itself, while the intense black of the marble accentuates the colour of the ocean fossilised in stone.


Mathieu Lehanneur’s Liquid Marble installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The installation embodies Mathieu’s passion for design, science, technology and art, and simultaneously invites the viewer to experience the most innovative processes whilst letting their mind wander in the movements of the sea, for a moment of meditative reflection.


Mathieu Lehanneur’s Liquid Marble

Elsewhere in London, Mathieu will also be presenting ‘Spring’ at Carpenters Workshop Gallery as part of London Design Festival. The solo exhibition will include a number of new works, alongside ‘Les Cordes’, the designer’s sculptural lighting piece first shown earlier this year.

Mathieu will also present low tables designed using the same innovative technology as their larger Liquid Marble series counterparts, along with a new series of small lamps made with marble and glass.

For more information on Mathieu Lehanneur’s projects at London Design Festival please contact Lucy Price: