Mathieu Lehanneur debuts new designs in Paris

During Paris Design Week at the end of January, award-winning designer Mathieu Lehanneur presented two major projects, the first of which was his lighting feature, Les Cordes. Originally created for the Decorative Arts Museum of Marseille, and placed on the 18th century Château Borély, a new edition of the work was unveiled at Carpenters Workshop Gallery as part of its ‘New Works’ exhibition. This sees Lehanneur’s Les Cordes exhibited alongside pieces by the likes of Andrea Branzi, Nacho Carbonell and Ingrid Donat.


Les Cordes

The launch of Les Cordes cements Lehanneur’s association with Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Having collaborated with the Gallery since 2011, his latest project sees him officially join the prestigious gallery’s roster of represented artists. Combining his passion for design, science, technology and art, Les Cordes mixes contemporary lighting technology with handicraft to create a modern interpretation of a traditional chandelier. The glass tubes contain strips of LED that puncture the underside of the ceiling and hang down in looping formations, much like rope.

Elsewhere in the city, Lehanneur’s first urban lighting furniture collection, Clover, was on display at an apt location in front of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in Paris. Clover is a series of ‘trees’ that combine energy, functions and materials.



Carved from a wooden mast, Clover comprises of a floor lamp and bench that appears cut and polished by the hands of a craftsman, however they are digitally machined using an industrial process that allows the designer to blend different species of wood together.

New Works at Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris
21 January -19 March 2016
54 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004, Paris
Monday – Saturday 10am/7pm
Or by appointment +331 42 78 82 92