May 2020: What to listen to this month

What can emergencies teach us about design?

Selected by our team at Caro, here are the top podcasts and audio interviews to listen to this month:

Art Matters
Hosted by Ferren Gipson, ArtUK’s podcast explores the interesting ways art meets popular culture and non-traditional art topics. Most recently Gipson interviewed renowned art historian Giovanni Aloi on the importance of animals in art.

What can emergencies teach us about design?
Communities all over the world respond to things like fires, floods – or pandemics – in much the same way. Events like the wildfires in California and Australia, Hurricane Katrina, or COVID-19 teach us some valuable lessons about the way people – and the public places built for them – respond and recover post disaster. Part of Hassell Talks, this podcast is hosted by Richard Mullane with Climate and Science Reporter Molly Peterson and Greg Kochanowski from Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Scratching the Surface
Jarrett Fuller began his podcast in 2016 and has since recorded over 150 episodes. The show has become a forum of thoughtful and informal discussions around contemporary design practice, with guests ranging from Michael Bierut and einier de Graaf to Kate Wagner of McMansion Hell and writer Jenny Odell.