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New kitchen sinks by Dornbracht: Hollistic design of the water point from a single source

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Dornbracht is extending its extensive portfolio of kitchen products with a new branded sink collection made using glazed steel. The premium manufacturer is also extending its line of stainless steel kitchen sinks with a brand new polished finish. These new products accurately exemplify Dornbracht’s expertise in functional design and luxury finishes.

The light marble worktop clearly contrasts with the glazed kitchen sink in matt and the Sync fitting in the Dark Platinum matt finish. The dark surfaces of the bowl and the fitting harmonise beautifully with each other, the one softly transitioning into the other.

Glazed Steel Sinks

The new glazed steel sink collection is featured in three colour ways: black, white and sand. This decision was taken in order to maximise the opportunity for individualisation, providing the option for customers to coordinate their current kitchen surface with their new branded sink. Some owners may choose to pair their lighter worktop with a white or sand finish to complement the colour palette, whereas others may choose the black colour way in order to create a contrast.

All three sinks are available in a matt or gloss finish, with a matching basin drain cover that contributes to the cohesion of the design. Dornbracht carefully selected the scratch resistant material to ensure that they meet all requirements in the kitchen. The excellent material properties of the glazed steel mean its unaffected by extreme temperatures, acids or chemicals.

The water starts to drain away when the Touch Flow valve integrated in the sink is activated. Touch Flow is fitted in the overflow, and initiates the opening and closing of the drain.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Dornbracht have also introduced a polished finish to their stainless steel collection of kitchen sinks. This sophisticated surface is achieved using special brushing tools, creating a finish which contributes to the precision and function of the sink design.

These sinks are distinguished by their unique drainage system, complete with three different valve solutions: a pull knob, and manual version or the new Touch Flow drain valve. The innovative design of the touch flow valve allows hands to remain clean and dry, ensuring that the sink is easy to use and clean. It is operated by a simple touch of the overflow plate, fitted directly in the overflow.


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