Texture in Architecture

Caro Communications has been working with leading fibre cement brand EQUITONE on a thought-provoking CPD film. Created in collaboration with materials and colour expert Jim Biddulph and poet, broadcaster and honorary RIBA Fellow LionHeart, Texture in Architecture presents a multi-faceted overview of texture in architecture now. From nature to neuroscience and from poetry to production, the film explores historic milestones and related design disciplines to ask: where is the texture of our built environments headed?

The CPD film looks at texture from a variety of angles, investigating the complex psychology underpinning our perceptions, exploring the foundations of texture in natural systems, and reviewing some important textural milestones in architectural history. By investigating latest developments in texture across related design disciplines and discussing recent textural approaches to the facades of buildings, Texture in Architecture challenges our understanding and invites the viewer to take a new and more creative approach to deploying texture in their own work.

Watch the film here.