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Iittala Graphics – Surprising Illustrations for an Everyday Essential

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Iittala Graphics is a collection of unique visual expressions placed on an everyday canvas, the humble mug. The series has been created by four international designers, who have all displayed their creative freedom on an essential and personal object that is part of our daily life. The diverse visual expressions provide an exciting variation for a personalised tea or coffee moment.

Iittala Graphic Mugs with Teema Tiimi Collection

The mug is a modern everyday classic, the stripped down Aika shape by Finnish design maestro, professor Heikki Orvola. Previously available adorned with Klaus Haapaniemi’s illustrations from the beloved Taika and Tanssi collections, this time the mug gets a new kind of contemporary look. Each of the four artists chosen for the project have created different illustrations for you to choose your own favourite or give it as an easy, much appreciated gift.

At the same time as the collection fits Iittala’s progressive thinking, it also brings something surprising with it. Each mug is distinctive in its characteristics, with the freedom afforded to the designers  resulting in items that feel very different to each other. Shaped/Shifted by Christopher DeLorenzo is a graphic, black and white interpretation of  nature touched by the human hand.  Distortion by Merijn Hos reflects Nordic living and design with a fresh point of view. Solid Waves by Magnus Voll Mathiassen is sophisticated and bold with a hint of an industrial quality to the orange and yellow design. Anemone by Ugo Gattoni visualizes the underwater through its surreal composition. The four designs are united by their fresh the take on the Nordic design.

The collection is available in attractive gift packs to keep and reuse.

Iittala Graphic Mugs

Ugo Gattoni is a Parisian born artist and art director, whose surreal and exquisitely detailed portraits, depictions of cityscapes, and strange, otherworldly objects and artefacts are renowned across the world for their unparalleled level of skill.

Norwegian designer and illustrator Magnus Voll Mathiassen’s portfolio is predominantly portrait based, working with block colours to highlight facial shadows and characteristics. He also experiments with mixed media, handmade and digital collage, always sticking firmly to finding the grace in stripping subjects back to a bare minimum.

Merijn Hos is a visual artist living and working in Utrecht. Merlin creates joyful, bonkers illustrative work for unlikely clients including Bose, Red Bull, Google, The Guardian and Keds, and is also renowned for his beautiful wooden sculptures sold as pieces of art.

Boston-based Christopher DeLorenzo’s character-driven work is based on his philosophy that everything can be a portal into something. Equally informed by his love for film and passion for literature, he crafts illustrations that bridge ideas through the foundations of shapes. The artist’s work navigates skilfully between illustration, type and design.

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