Press Release:
Raw-Edges in the VitraHaus Loft

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The Israeli design duo Raw-Edges has revamped the interior of the VitraHaus Loft. For their installation, the London-based designers put together a colourful mix of living areas and workspaces – in playful and unexpected arrangements with a diverse collage of products from Vitra and Artek.

Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer created a colourful setting on the fourth level of the VitraHaus, where they could even envisage living with their own two children: ‘Our installation focuses on a busy, creative, young family. We wanted to show how a space could function equally well for parents and kids alike – for work as well as play.’

The light-hearted approach taken by Raw-Edges in their use of materials, colours and products is a defining feature of the presentation – and their work in general. Other key factors of their

VitraHaus installation are movement, improvisation and surprise. For Raw-Edges, it was vital to achieve a spontaneous, realistic and above all happy environment.

For instance, the bathroom is expanded to accommodate a studio for experimentation with colour and a number of Cork Stools were grouped to form the base for a bed. Visitors are encouraged to explore the setting, discovering something new every time. The carefully selected collage of Vitra and Artek products combines various natural materials such as wood, glass and light-hued textiles with expressive colours.