Press Release:
Roche Bobois launches new collections in collaboration with two renowned Paris-based designers: Kenzo Takada and Bruno Moinard

Roche Bobois has created two elegant collections in collaboration with Japanese-French fashion designer Kenzo Takada and respected Parisian interior architect Bruno Moinard.

While Kenzo Takada’s reimagining of Roche Bobois’s iconic Mah Jong is characterized by bold colourful Kimono-inspired pattern and Bruno Moinard’s range of 20 refined pieces is based on a neutral palette, together the collections demonstrate the diversity, creativity and strong sense of French ‘art de vivre’ that lies at the heart of Roche Bobois.

Mah Jong by Kenzo Takada

Above: Mah Jong by Kenzo Takada, blue colour scheme fabrics, a version meant for YORU (evening)

Designed by Hans Hopfer in 1971, the Mah Jong modular sofa system is a signature design of Roche Bobois’ collections. A sofa based on the complete freedom of form and function, the Mah Jong is made up of modular elements that can be combined, aligned or stacked, allowing for infinite options of composition and experimentation. It can be a sofa, an armchair, lounge chair or bed. The Mah Jong changed the landscape of the living room, creating a more comfortable and convivial space in which to relax and socialize with friends and family.

Kenzo Takada, the French-Japanese designer, is the latest fashion designer to create a range of fabrics for the Mah Jong. This collection will be available in Roche Bobois showrooms from September 2017, as part of the Autumn Winter 2017 collection.

Above: Kenzo Takada on Roche Bobois Mah Jong in his home studio

Kenzo Takada has a wealth of artistic and creative expertise, from designing fashion garments, creating fragrances and exhibiting a range of his painting worldwide since retiring from the management of his eponymous fashion house in 1999.

Timeless style occupies all of Kenzo Takada’s design endeavours, combining subtle blends of East and West with bold colours and poetic florals – themes that are reflected strongly in his new designs for the Mah Jong.

Above: Mah Jong by Kenzo Takada, red colour scheme, a version meant for HIRU (midday)

This new version of the Mah Jong embraces Japanese influence with fabrics inspired by patterns found on kimonos, specifically those woven as costumes for traditional Nō theatre.

“These designs and patterns were the guidelines of this collection for Roche Bobois, but I wanted to completely change their colours and interpret them in a new way,” explains Kenzo Takada.

Above: Mah Jong by Kenzo Takada, powder colour scheme, a version meant for ASA (morning)

Kenzo Takada’s reinterpretation of ancient kimonos has led to the creation of fabrics that make up three harmonious colour schemes. Each scheme expresses softness, liveliness, and depth, coinciding with the three different times of day: the powder colour scheme is a reflection of ASA (morning), the red reflects HIRU (midday), and finally the blue is a reflection of YORU (evening).

Due to Kenzo Takada’s natural design curiosity and experimentation, during his creative process he naturally found himself crafting a complementary series of cushions and vases. These designs draw on the key patterns and colour schemes of the collection whilst adding a contemporary graphic.

Above top: Aka Kame, Aka Uroko, Aka Muji vases. Above bottom: Kame cushions. All by Kenzo Takada.

The complementary series also includes the Aka Hanawa hand turned red clay vases. These ceramic additions are coated with deep-coloured enamels and enhanced by gold or red copper leaf. Each piece compliments Kenzo Takada’s fabric designs perfectly.

Above left: Aka Hanawa vases. Above right: Shiro Hanawa serving tables. All by Kenzo Takada

The Mah Jong has previously been ‘dressed’ by a number of influential fashion designers. Maverick designer Jean Paul Gaultier dressed the Mah Jong in his iconic sailor-style ‘Matelot’ stripes and graphic tattoo style motifs, designs inspired by his Haute Couture fashion collections, adding his creative stamp to this iconic design.

Sonia Rykiel, the late French fashion designer known for her exuberant knitwear designs, created a version of the Mah Jong in her signature boldly coloured stripes.

The fabrics used for each version of the Mah Jong are made in dedicated workshops, using processes and techniques similar to those of the Haute Couture fashion industry. Each element is individually hand-stitched using comparable methods to those of luxury mattress making with exquisite attention to detail.

Paris Paname collection by Bruno Moinard

Designed by internationally renowned interior designer Bruno Moinard, the Paris Paname designs will form a centrepoint of Roche Bobois’ Nouveaux Classiques collection. The designer presents 20 refined pieces of furniture inspired by the forms and colours of nature. Carefully curated design embodies this collection; it combines traditional aesthetics and modernity. The collection is a true expression of Bruno Moinard’s artistic sensibility.

Above: Paris Paname collection by Bruno Moinard

The materials employed for these designs accentuate the collections natural inspiration. Along with Bruno Moinard’s signature notes of brass, the collection utilises understated materials like sycamore, oak and walnut that highlight nature’s presence throughout.

Above left: Paris Paname desk and desk chair, Above right: Paris Paname magazine holder

The design objectives of these pieces were to combine two lines of contemporary aesthetic; one line of the collection presents sharp angles that emphasise cuts and folds of structure and material, while the other focuses on voluptuous curves with products presented in round and oblong shapes.

Top left: Paris Paname screen, Top right: Paris Paname Mirror, Middle left: Paris Paname armchair, Middle right: Paris Paname chair, Bottom: Paris Paname sofa