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Stanton Williams reveal Canopy of Light pavilion at Interni: House in Motion for Milan Design Week 2018

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Entitled Baldacchino in reference to ornamental canopies above altars or thrones, Stanton Williams’ experimental 6m long pavilion interprets the House in Motion theme by giving physical form to the idea of movement through space.

Baldacchino by Stanton Williams © Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

Baldacchino will be located at the Università degli Studi di Milano, one of three different locations for the Interni House in Motion exhibition from 16-28 April.

The exhibition invited architects and designers to respond to ideas of residence, mobility, and transformable space within the home and also consider the notion of nomadic, transient habitats.

Stanton Williams’ pavilion combines space and movement to form a work of choreographic architecture that points to how permanent spaces are continually transformed and repurposed over time.

Architecturally, motion is achieved by spatially compressing a spiral pathway that is then ‘released’ at the focal point of the pavilion. Here, a baldacchino canopy of light hovers over a horizontal plane designed for pause and contemplation.

To animate the pavilion, Stanton Williams has commissioned a dance performance choreographed by Thea Stanton. Taking place at 6,7&8pm on 16th and 17th April, the performance explores the dynamic ebb and flow of the Pavilion and a solitary dancer will challenge their body’s relationship with the architecture around them.

The 4m tall pavilion floats above a shallow reflective surface and is created using raw steel to emphasise the pavilion’s sculptural qualities. The raw steel was also chosen for its organic texture and the rich, varied appearance of its dark warm tones under natural and artificial lighting conditions.

Baldacchino by Stanton Williams © Francesco Ciranna and Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

Alan Stanton of Stanton Williams commented:

 “The experience created in the pavilion is that of a journey through spaces that expand and compress, where daylight and shadow are modulated through screens and openings. The movement of the visitor along this journey constitutes the dynamic element that confers a transient quality to the space captured within the pavilion” 

Stanton Williams has collaborated on the pavilion with curtain walling and cladding specialist Focchi Group and with lighting specialists, iGuzzini.




Open 10am-10pm daily, 16 – 28 April 2018

Università degli Studi di Milano – Ca’ Granda ex Ospedale Maggiore


Dance Performance: Study of Body in Space

Performance dates:

16 & 17th April 20018

Performance times: 6, 7 & 8pm

Duration: 10 minutes

Choreography: Thea Stanton

Dancer: Joe Garbett

Music: Cameron Graham

Baldacchino by Stanton Williams © Francesco Ciranna

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