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Iittala’s Teema Gets the Blues

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The international tableware classic, Teema, is getting new look for 2017. The light blue shade brightens up the table setting with its cool hue. The new dotted blue shade is a product of the innovation that Iittala is known for; with the duo-coloured glazing bringing a completely new look and feel to the design icon.


Since the creation of Teema in 1952 by Kaj Franck, the tableware has not only been about the high quality, carefully thought details and multi-functionality, but also greatly about colours. From the early years, the collection (initially known as Kilta) was available in a variety of rich colours – the initial collection included five colours and new shades were added shortly after.

Teema has gone through many stages over the decades. Elements have come and gone, and as our dining habits have altered so have our product requirements have altered. But one thing remains: the collection has always showcased Iittala’s rich colour palette and state of art expertise in ceramic colouring.

Iittala has Kaj Franck to thank for the great heritage in glazing; his desire to create uni-coloured tableware and his persistence in crafting the smallest of details pushed the factory to develop faultless glazing. This heritage lives on to this day and Iittala is known especially for its colour expertise in ceramics and glass. And no wonder, as the company’s chemists have created over 20,000 ceramic colour shades during the long history of its ceramics process. The light blue glazing complements the current Teema range by adding a light, airy shade to the permanent range of white, black and grey.

This spring, Teema gets dressed also in dots. The unique new dotted blue finish gives new expressiveness to the collection, with lighter dots playfully dancing across the classic Teema blue glaze base. The glaze on each mug and plate is unique, with the dots forming their gentle, random pattern in the production process.

Product information:



Teema bowl 15 cm
Light blue £14
Teema mug 0,3 l
Light blue £12.50
Teema plate 16×16 cm
Light blue £23


Teema plate 17, 21, 26cm
Light blue £11.50, £13, £15.50
Teema plate deep 21cm
Light Blue £15.50
Teema mug 0,3 l
Dotted blue £14


Teema plate 17, 21, 26cm
Dotted blue £13, £14.50, £17
Teema plate deep 21 cm
Dotted blue £17
Teema bowl 15 cm
Dotted blue £15.50

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