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Teema Tiimi – Essentials for Modern Dining

Time and the bare essentials have become modern luxuries. Fresh ingredients, slow cooking and immaterial values matter when friends and families come together to dine. Scandinavian design brand Iittala is resetting the modern dining table, where cultures and habits are as varied and diverse as the occasions that draw people together.

The Teema Tiimi collection

The Teema Tiimi collection

Modern dining is a melting pot of experiences and influences. We are inspired by travels to faraway places; we appreciate well-prepared food in its all forms and contexts. Dining has a meaning; good food is part of a good social life. In the midst of the hectic life, the practice of meeting around the dinner table has taken on a new significance.

Classic with a new twist

Iittala is addressing our changing eating habits by giving a classic a new twist. The Teema tableware was created in 1952, for a post-war time when urbanization was a pressing topic, just as it is today. The master of Finnish everyday design, Kaj Franck, introduced a concept of uni-coloured, simplified objects. He set the standard for aesthetic practicality in modern homes. Each dish was perfect for use, multi-functional, and stackable. His ideals are still relevant today: we should require very few products to meet the various needs of a home where space is scarce.

Iittala is launching a new range to complement this universal classic. The new Teema Tiimi parts are designed for the new global kitchen.

The name not only refers to the classic range Teema (translated as ‘theme’ in Finnish), but also to the design process: Teema Tiimi (Tiimi translating as ‘team’ in Finnish) has been a collaborative work of young, talented designers and the Iittala design team. Kaj Franck was a fan of collaboration and his influence lies behind the name. He suggested the name Tiimi back in the 1970s to emphasise the teamwork needed for a product to come alive from its first conception at the designers table.

Asian designers

Iittala is introducing four new items to its global collection. The young designers behind the new products have each lived in Scandinavia, but their roots lie in their home countries. Minjia Wang (China), Ai Ono (Japan) and Kyuhyung Cho (Korea) have designed bowls and plates to work equally well for Eastern and Western dishes. With a single bowl being a fitting vessel for a soup, rice, ice cream or side dish, imagination is the only limit. The new products are available in the most popular Teema colour, white. The full Asian collection of 26 new components is available in Asian market and on the Iittala webstore in the EU area.

Teema Tiimi is true to Kaj Franck’s timeless philosophy of simplicity and functionality. Highly versatile with endless combinations, the Teema  and Teema Tiimi ranges cater for all our changing dining needs. They can be used to prepare food, and be put in the oven.  Each and every piece in the collection can also be used for serving, storing and even freezing. The simplified designs allow for combination with other items in the home. It ensures that the products remain relevant in every home and every surrounding, from one year to another and one generation to the next. And of course from one dinner party to the many more to come.
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Teema Tiimi bowl 0,3L White £14 Teema Tiimi bowl with lid 0,8L White £18.50

Teema Tiimi white bowl 0,3L £14 | Teema Tiimi white bowl with lid 0,8L £18.50



Teema Tiimi white dish 9cm £10.50 | Teema Tiimi white dish 12cm £12

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