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Vitra brings the outdoors in for Summer 2016

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Vitra Davy table, RRP £790; Landi chairs, RRP £386 each

Vitra Davy table, RRP £790; Landi chairs, RRP £386 each

Modern furniture is becoming more adaptable to different settings in our everyday lives – from outdoors to indoors, and vice versa. In line with this current trend, Vitra offers its latest furniture collections that are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use; from the Michel Charlot designed Davy Table and re-issued Landi chair by Hans Coray, to the new Belleville by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and selected pieces from the White Collection.

Landi Chair

The Landi Chair by Hans Coray (1939) is a masterpiece of design that continues to set standards. First introduced at the Swiss National Exhibition in 1939, the classic chair is now returning to production at Vitra.

Like no other piece of furniture in its day, the Landi Chair took advantage of technical advances in the processing of aluminium. Its understated and elegant design is perfectly tailored to the needs of industrial production, while the material’s physical properties have confirmed the chair’s stature as a modern masterpiece.

The seat shell of the Landi Chair not only follows the contours of the sitter’s body but is also shaped in a transverse direction. For the first time ever, Coray achieved a three-dimensional moulded seat shell offering comfort that is additionally enhanced by the flexibility of the aluminium sheeting. The shell is perforated with 91 punched holes, providing the chair with its characteristic appearance and further weight reduction.

For the base, Hans Coray used the material aluminium in a different form: extruded profiles whose C-shaped cross section makes them lightweight yet stable. The bent aluminium profiles each form a pair of legs with an armrest connected by two thin struts, as part of the base. The perforated seat shell floats on top, connected at just four points.

The stackable, weatherproof Landi Chair is now once again being industrially produced by Vitra in accordance with the original design from 1939. The matte anodised surface of the material gives the classic design its characteristic, shimmering silver presence.

Davy Table

The Davy Table is a robust new design for outdoor use inspired by the iconic Landi Chair. The table (Michel Charlot, 2014) takes up the same material and mirrors the functional elegance of the classic chair by Hans Coray from 1939. The lightweight stackable table complements Coray’s legendary design, and together they make an ideal pair. The Davy Table can also be combined with other types of chairs and used in a diverse range of settings.

Named after the English chemist Sir Humphry Davy who first discovered aluminium in 1808, the Davy Table uses the properties of the material to its advantage. Because of its technical, raw-looking material, this weatherproof table is well suited for all kinds of exterior environments thanks to its compact proportions.

The table’s surface is fabricated from three-millimetre thick aluminium sheeting with rounded edges. A circular opening in the middle recalls the characteristic punched holes of the Landi Chair. Like the perforated surface of its historic predecessor, this decorative design feature also has a functional purpose – here serving to accommodate a parasol. Its four legs made of bent aluminium tubing are affixed to the underside of the thin table top with leg mounts in die-cast zinc. In addition, the table can be stacked at an angle (up to a maximum of four units). The threaded plastic caps on the legs can be rotated to level the table on uneven surfaces.

Vitra Belleville round outdoor table, RRP £511; Belleville chairs, RRP from £206 each

Vitra Belleville round outdoor table, RRP £511; Belleville chairs, RRP from £206 each


The Belleville family – the Belleville Chair, the Belleville Armchair and the Belleville Tables – is a collection developed by Vitra in collaboration with the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (2015).

The Belleville Chair is a technically sophisticated hybrid chair of two components – a structural frame in polyamide and a seat shell available in different materials. A slender black frame traces the calligraphic lines of the legs and back of the chair. The contour of the back of the Belleville chair follows a continuous rounded trajectory, while the slender black frame supports an extremely thin shell that tapers from the wide seat surface into a narrow backrest.

The Belleville Tables reveal a similar capacity for transformation, featuring table tops in laminate, wood or stone, along with elegantly arched legs of cast aluminium. The Belleville Tables are modelled on the typology of the classic bistro table. The slender legs flow in a continuous sweeping line from their splayed bottom along the central column to the table top. Forming star- or t-shaped bases, they can be arranged as graceful dining tables, single bistro tables or long cafeteria tables. The colour and surface texture of the cast aluminium table legs, which have a black powder-coated finish, are nearly indistinguishable from the polyamide frame of the Belleville Chair.

(From left): Vitra Hal armchair, RRP from £286; Tom Vac chair, RRP £245; Hal table, RRP £524; Hal chair, RRP from £175; Vegetal chair, RRP £355

(From left): Vitra Hal armchair, RRP from £286; Tom Vac chair, RRP £245; Hal table, RRP £524; Hal chair, RRP from £175; Vegetal chair, RRP £355

The White Collection

The White Collection from Vitra rediscovers and combines contemporary products in nuances of white. This limited-edition range encompasses chairs and tables for both indoor and outdoor settings, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Jasper Morrison and Ron Arad.

The White Collection includes pieces from the Home Collection in their existing form, like the white version of Vegetal, but also limited editions of HAL, Tom Vac and the Metal Side Tables. Thanks to the weatherproof materials, these chairs and tables bring a feeling of lightness to gardens as well as terraces and balconies. The White Collection is available until the end of August 2016.


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