April 2020: What to watch this month

Dirty Streaming: The Internet’s Big Secret

Selected by our team at Caro, here are the top things to watch, and do, this month while we are at home:

NEW: Test your architectural knowledge with the Atlas of Plans

This quiz implores you to name famous buildings from across the world just by looking at the floor plan, from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim to Frederik Kiesler’s Endless House. Don’t worry it’s multiple choice!

Dirty Streaming: The Internet’s Big Secret

Have you ever considered the physical spaces that the internet takes up? In this documentary, film and TV writer Beth Webb explores the expansion of data centres across the globe and what this means for the environment.

Practice, Episode 1: Invisible Studio

‘Practice’ by Laura Mark and Jim Stephenson is a documentary series exploring how architects design, rather than what they design. Watch the first episode featuring architect and TV presenter, Piers Taylor, and support this kickstarter project.

NLA Talks and Webinars

From building reviews to interviews with architects at home, discover a wealth of online content and take a behind-the-scenes look at the latest news in architecture and the built environment.